cover image The Boz

The Boz

Rick Reilly, Brian Bosworth. Doubleday Books, $17.95 (252pp) ISBN 978-0-385-24747-4

Bosworth has created the public persona of a brash, brassy, abrasive young athlete, proud of his appeal to kids and disdainful of everyone over 30. Throughout much of this book, assisted by Sports Illustrated editor Reilly, he maintains that pose and even adds to it, although occasionally he offers insights into what we are to accept as the real Boz, a more subdued sort of fellow. But the football player who created firestorms of publicity at Oklahoma University, signed an $11 million pro contract, said whatever entered his mind and now complains about being a public figure cannot be taken all that seriously. Photos not seen by PW. 100,000 first printing; first serial to Rolling Stone magazine; Literary Guild alternate. (September)