cover image Walker of Worlds

Walker of Worlds

Tom De Haven. Doubleday Books, $19.95 (342pp) ISBN 978-0-385-26039-8

This first book of what promises to be an exciting trilogy by the author of Funny Papers introduces four ``moments'' or worlds. De Haven weaves a complex tale of ``intermoment'' intrigue involving the birth of a monster and the imminent destruction of the universe. As strange characters and events begin to appear on Earth (the human world in the Moment of Kemolo) journalist Peter Musik recovers his memory and recalls his vendetta with the pharmaceuticals billionaire and the evil retired major who stole his mind with their ``idiot drugs.'' But now strange voices are appearing in Peter's head--the voice of Jack the Walker who is visiting from the world of Lostwithal, and of Geeb, his earthly companion. De Haven's exuberant imagination conjures such characters as the dread Mage of Manse Seloc, whose face teems with crawling slugs; and Lita, a witch who turns into a wasp, stings her subject and brings that person's knowledge and memories to her master. All the characters are given life--even those cameos who meet quick, gruesome deaths. Horror, humor and a passel of plot twists spice up the inventive tale. (July)