cover image The Scottish Prisoner: A Lord John Novel

The Scottish Prisoner: A Lord John Novel

Diana Gabaldon. Delacorte, $25 (448p) ISBN 978-0-385-33751-9

Jamie Fraser, a Scottish Jacobite from Gabaldon's bestselling Outlander series, is back and in the spotlight in the newest Lord John novel (after An Echo in the Bone). Having been arrested and paroled to the Lake District, Fraser has fathered a child with a noblewoman, though he cannot claim him lest he put his son's inheritance at risk. While engrossed in this complicated familial situation, Lord John Grey appears with an enigmatic letter that Grey suspects of containing clues to a political conspiracy. However, the mysterious message is written in the language of the Scottish Highlanders, which only Fraser can translate. His interpretation reveals the schemes of a corrupt%E2%80%94and potentially traitorous%E2%80%94military officer, Siverly. Promised his freedom by Grey's brother, Hal, in exchange for his help in tracking down Siverly, Fraser embarks on a quest fraught with murder, espionage, and the dredging-up of potent secrets. A complicated plot will likely baffle new readers, but long-time Gabaldon fans will find plenty to love. Agent: Russell Galen, Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary. (Nov.)