cover image An Absence of Light

An Absence of Light

David Lindsey. Doubleday Books, $23 (519pp) ISBN 978-0-385-42311-3

Relentlessly paced and adroitly imagined, Lindsey's latest thriller (after Body of Truth ) opens with the apparent suicide of Arthur Tisler, a detective in the Criminal Investigation Division of the Houston police. Marcus Graver, in charge of the internal investigation into the death, discovers information implicating Tisler in CID corruption and making his suicide look suspicious--especially when other cops in Tisler's unit start dying. Next, Graver uncovers evidence that links his friend and fellow officer Dean Burtell to the shadowy figure of Panos Kalatis, an ex-Mossad agent who has spent years planning some illicit multimillion-dollar operation. Graver must apprehend this assassin in five days or the operation will be closed down and Kalatis will undoubtedly disappear with the money. Along with deft plotting and abundant surprises (including a socko finish), Lindsey offers suspense shrewdly balanced by a number of thoughtful meditations on the nature of betrayal and deceit. Particularly refreshing is the high degree of verisimilitude: readers can readily sense that the novel's events are beyond the ken of its protagonists and that a sinister world truly exists beyond normal perception. Sure to win Lindsey numerous new fans--and thoroughly satisfy his current ones. (May)