cover image Gourmet's Menus for Contemporary Living

Gourmet's Menus for Contemporary Living

Gourmet Magazine, Evie Righter. Alfred A. Knopf, $27.5 (347pp) ISBN 978-0-394-54589-9

First in a series of new books to be published by the prestigious magazine for cooks, this volume is directed to those who want to create something tasty, attractive and unusual in the short time they can spare in the kitchenas unusual as a Thanksgiving dinner with leek-stuffed cod replacing the turkey. The richly illustrated menus have been selected from the ""Cuisine Courante'' section of Gourmet, and the recipes include dishes from around the world. A breakfast might consist of orange yogurt pancakes with strawberries or chocolate waffles. A special luncheon is centered on halibut with Pernod hollandaise and broccoli fennel puree, while a vegetarian lunch of miso-flavored soup and kasha nut loaf with yogurt sauce concludes with a pineapple-and-kiwi compote. Menus throughout are accompanied by wine selections from Gerald Asher. A variety of helpful suggestions and dictums is scattered throughout: e.g., cracks in jelly rolls can be attractively covered with powdered sugar; egg whites must be beaten at room temperature in copper bowls.November