cover image Terence Conran's New House Book

Terence Conran's New House Book

Terence Conan / Author, Terence Conran / Author Villard Books

Conran claims that ""good design is ninety-eight per cent common sense, two per cent aesthetics.'' In this comprehensive book on decorating and design (an updated, completely revised edition of The House Book), he offers inspiring ideas and outlines the practical considerations necessary for creating a comfortable and beautiful home. Checklists of safety precautions and building procedures, budgeting suggestions, discussion of the characteristics of different materials for floors and curtains, architectural styles and garden layouts are accompanied by glossy color photos of the vast range of possibilities. Not only a practical guide, this book is also a beautiful house tour, a joy for browsers. Conran, founder of Conran home furnishing stores, is the author of The Kitchen Book, etc. October 28