cover image A Strategy for Peace

A Strategy for Peace

Sissela Bok / Author Pantheon Books $17.95 (202p) ISBN 978-0-3

Bok is as concerned with the threat of limited, nonnuclear wars as with global destruction. Her nonutopian proposals for peace aim to break the spiral of mutual aggression and distrust that pits Americans vs. Soviets, Indians vs. Pakistanis, Iranians vs. Iraqis, etc. She calls on all political players to end support of regional wars, terrorism, disinformation, human rights violations and other activities that poison the social atmosphere. A Harvard lecturer and author of Lying and Secrets , Bok attempts to reconcile two thinkers who, on the surface, could not be more dissimilar: hardnosed military strategist Carl von Clausewitz, and idealist Immanuel Kant, whose passionate essay ``Perpetual Peace'' seems especially timely. Updating their outlooks, she sets forth a framework of moral constraints on violence, deceit, breaches of trust and state secrecy. Support for the United Nations as a forum to work out conflicts is a key element in her scheme to strengthen cooperation among nations. (Mar.)