cover image Frederick's Fables

Frederick's Fables

Leo Lionni / Author, Bruno Bettelheim / Designed by Alfred A.

In an introduction by the eminent psychologist Bruno Bettelheim, parents are assured that picture books help little children to make sense of reality. He praises Lionni's ""images which in one visual experience convey more than can be said in 1000 words.'' This is a collection of the artist's famous works, first published as individual titles. Each economic, easily grasped tale is richly illustrated by the artist's color paintings and collages, emphasizing the meaning in the actions of the mouse Frederick and other lovable creatures. There are 13 stories, with variations on Lionni's central theme: the importance of gaining wisdom and of being, always, one's self without forgetting that everyone is part of society and responsible (like clever Swimmy, star of his own film) to all others. (38)