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Allison Lester / Author, Alison Lester / Author Houghton Miffl

The author of Clive Eats Alligators offers a lively--and lovely--exercise in using one's creativity. Seven lines of verse introduce each of seven double-page spreads filled with animals of every imaginable species. Each spread has a different setting, transporting readers to such exotic locations as a jungle, oceanic depths, a polar icecap, the land of dinosaurs and the Australian bush country. Borders around each scene contain the names of the animals pictured, giving the book a search-and-find dimension that will appeal to more ambitious readers. Anyone serious about matching the names to the pictures, however, might have appreciated the inclusion of a key at the end of the book. As it is, youngsters may get frustrated trying to identify a paca, a guillemot, a tiger quoll or some of the other lesser-known animals. Nevertheless, Lester's clever text and creature-crammed illustrations will certainly encourage young imaginations to wander. Ages 4-8. (Sept.)