cover image On Mother's Lap

On Mother's Lap

Ann Herbert Scott. Clarion Books, $16 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-395-58920-5

The furnishings are few in this chilly Eskimo dwelling, but when Michael jumps in Mother's lap, the love between them warms the room, as ``back and forth, back and forth, they rock.'' Michael runs to get Dolly, then his carved boat, a reindeer blanket and even his puppy: the small rocking chair is full. When Baby cries, Mother insists there's room for her too, but Michael pouts and hides. All of them end up back in the chair, crowded but cozy; Michael admits, ``It feels good.'' Pastels in earth tones and turquoise create a luminous setting with the captivating faces of the serene mother and her two small children. Though the story is very slight, it makes a reassuring point for little ones, who need to know that a mother's love is an expandable quantity. Ages 2-5. (Mar.)