cover image Stolen Thunder CL

Stolen Thunder CL

Shirley Climo, Alexander Koshkin. Clarion Books, $15.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-395-64368-6

Despite her wordy presentation, Climo brings an unmistakable verve to this retelling of a Norse myth. Opening passages set the story in context, introducing the various gods and goddesses before describing the theft of thunder god Thor's magic hammer. Overcome with foot-stamping fury, Thor accuses prankster Loki of the crime, but Loki guesses that a giant is the culprit and flies to the giants' icy land. His instincts proven correct, he negotiates a bargain with Thrym the Frost King: the return of the hammer in exchange for Freya, goddess of beauty. An unlikely scene of cross-dressing follows, and all ends happily with Thor reunited with his precious tool. The artwork is alternately ethereal and solid, expressing mythic undertones as well as Climo's modern voice. Dark humor resonates, most noticeably in the frequent sneers that suggest that being a god is not all fun and games. Ages 6-10. (Mar.)