cover image Hedgehogs in the Closet

Hedgehogs in the Closet

Joan Carris. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, $11.95 (186pp) ISBN 978-0-397-32233-6

In this third story about the Howard family, readers will empathize with 11-year-old Nick as he adjusts to life in a small English village. Nick resents the move from his native Ohio, fearing that he won't make friends, do well in school or understand British terminology. Then older brother Marty proves unexpectedly sympathetic, Nick discovers he's good at rugby and two classmates become his good friends (one, a recent immigrant from India, shares Nick's culture shock). The story progresses smartly to its happy ending, providing along the way much local color, customs and attitudes of English countryside life. This will be enjoyed by fans of the author's When the Boys Ran the House and Pets, Vets, and Marty Howard. Ages 10-12. (March)