cover image Families Apart

Families Apart

Melinda Blau. Putnam Publishing Group, $22.95 (349pp) ISBN 978-0-399-13895-9

Today, up to an estimated 50% of children of divorce suffer lingering depression, difficulty forming healthy relationships and other psychological sequelae. But according to Blau ( Parenting by Heart ) this need not be so. Divorce does not end a family, argues the author, who prefers the term ``family apart'' over the more common (and more negative) ``broken home.'' Based on questionnaires and interviews with 112 adults and 34 children, this study suggests how families can successfully cope with divorce and create a new environment in which children can develop ``normally''--and even thrive--by following these 10 commandments of co-parenting: heal yourself; act maturely; listen to your children; respect your ex as a parent; divide parenting time; acknowledge your differences; communicate; step out of gender roles; recognize and accept change; and know that co-parenting ``is forever.'' The case histories of ``families apart'' will show readers that life after divorce need not be marked by continuing trauma. Author tour. (Jan.)