cover image Cupid


Babette Cole. Putnam Publishing Group, $13.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-399-22215-3

In the flippant, whimsical style familiar to Cole aficionados, the story of Cupid encompasses the reader in a world of gods come to earth. The obsession of Cupid's mother with beauty--and beauty pageants--drives the family down to earth so that she can enter the Miss World competition. The celestial couple take up residence on Mount Olympus Avenue and call themselves Mr. and Mrs. Jupiter-Jones. Meanwhile, their fun-loving offspring quickly learns that when his arrows meet their mark, hilarious results seem to follow. So Cupid entertains himself by making all sorts of diverse types fall for each other: two grumps on a park bench embrace passionately, an equestrian becomes engaged to her horse and a couple with enormous noses fall in love even though their lips can never meet. Finally ``some very bad men'' notice that Cupid is the son of Miss World (Cupid's arrows influenced the judges' decision) and kidnap him for ransom. Clever Cupid quickly escapes and makes an exercise class of porcine beauties fall in love with the malefactors. Cole's unique brand of wacky humor is given free reign in this merry romp--not to be confused with Hamilton's Mythology . A lighthearted book perfect for Valentine's Day. Ages 4-8. (Jan.)