cover image Baby Code!

Baby Code!

Sandra Horning, illus. by Melissa Crowton. Penguin Workshop, $7.99 (14p) ISBN 978-0-399-54257-2

In a board book addition to the Girls Who Code franchise, Horning introduces the rudimentary concepts behind coding. In illustrations with a mid-century vibe, a baby in polka-dot pajamas plays with familiar toys and objects. Horning features lines of simple code that echo the baby’s activities. She employs language to tell a long-eared dog to sit, just as “Code uses letters and numbers to tell computers what to do.” When she uses a remote control for her toy robot, the rosy-cheeked bot announces: “robot.beep( ).” And when the baby needs to take a nap, “Code tells the toy’s computer when to sleep, too!” Horning provides a basic introduction to a complex concept. Ages up to 3. (July)