cover image Headmaster: Lessons from the Rack, Book 2

Headmaster: Lessons from the Rack, Book 2

Tara Sue Me. Berkley, $16 trade paper (304p) ISBN 978-0-399-58450-3

Two tortured souls join in an evocative dance of grief and passion in Me’s raw, heartfelt second Lessons from the Rack erotic romance (after Master Professor). Submissive Marie pines after dominant Lennox, but he put his sexuality in a box and packed it away after his lover, Winnie, wrapped her car around a tree. Lennox blames himself for Winnie’s death and is determined to punish himself forever, which means staying away from Marie, the one woman he knows could heal him. Instead, he establishes an academy to teach responsible BDSM and consigns himself to a loveless life. After one incredible night of passion with Marie, history repeats itself: she, too, is in a horrific car crash. But she survives, and Lennox hopes for a happier future. Lennox and Marie’s complicated relationship scorches the page and describes a path of true love that’s fraught with danger but worth the risk. An evocative scene seems to suggest that Winnie approves as well. This heart-wrenching treat will have readers waiting eagerly for the next installment. (Jan.)