cover image Hot Property: Screenwriting in the New Hollywood

Hot Property: Screenwriting in the New Hollywood

Christopher Keane / Author Berkley Publishing Group $14 (297p)

Getting published in any genre but screenwriting may seem like a cinch after reading Keane's book, which is meant to steer new writers through the cutthroat world. The author, who has written more than a dozen novels and screenplays (Dangerous Company, etc.), starts off by asking readers questions like why they want to enter this business, and what kinds of movies they like, since those preferences often indicate where their passion and talent lie. Once this foundation is set, the remainder of the first half of the book proceeds to detail techniques such as plot and character, with several examples from real scripts providing guidance. Throughout, Keane relates many personal anecdotes from his own career and includes a chapter about the thrills and horrors of breaking into Hollywood. The book's second half dictates the full script of the screenplay Don't Kiss Me There, which Keane wrote,""to show readers what my thought process was in writing the script."" Both aspiring screenwriters and beginners should find many helpful tips in this frank but encouraging book