cover image DO YOUR EARS HANG LOW?


Caroline Jayne Church, . . Scholastic/Chicken House, $15.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-439-12871-1

Church (Hungry Hen) pictures two long-eared pups' playful romp in this reprise of a ridiculously catchy rhyme. Beginning with the title line, "Do your ears hang low?," a brown hound strolls up a hill alone. In the next spread, "Do they wobble to and fro?," a gray-spotted dog approaches from the other direction. When the dogs see one another, their ribbony ears fly up in surprise and become tangled ("Can you tie them in a knot?/ Can you tie them in a bow?"). They play a shy game of hide-and-seek to a second verse of "Do your ears hang high?/ Do they reach up to the sky?" Ultimately, a gatefold opens to show the new friends cheek-to-cheek, shaping a heart with their plume-like ears. The sequence concludes with instructions for hand gestures to accompany the song, and leaves the musical accompaniment to experienced singers. Church draws in a thick, squiggly black line on paper made from torn newsprint and flower petals. Her innocuous artwork and use of a familiar chant will suit any sing-along occasion, and her theme would endear her to the star of the equally comical Dog Eared (reviewed January 14). Ages 2-up. (Feb.)