cover image Can You Moo?

Can You Moo?

David Wojtowycz. Cartwheel Books, $12.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-439-39483-3

New titles arrive to tickle toddlers' fancies. David Wojtowycz's charming artwork enlivens two paper-over-board books: Can You Moo? and Can You Choo Choo? In the first title, a simple text presents a number of animals and the noises that they make, from the ""cheep cheep cheep"" of a ""cheery little chick"" to the ""woof woof woof"" of ""playful little puppies."" In the second, modes of transportation in a variety of colors speed along with their accompanying sounds, including the ""roar roar roar"" of the ""silver rocket ship blasting off into space"" and the ""beep beep beep"" of the ""shiny yellow school bus."" Both volumes recap the soundmakers and their noises on a final spread.