cover image Deeper Than Midnight

Deeper Than Midnight

Lara Adrian. Dell, $7.99 mass market (416p) ISBN 978-0-440-24611-4

The solid ninth and penultimate entry in bestseller Adrian's Midnight Breed vampire romance series (after Taken by Midnight) advances the overall story line nicely without detracting from the central romance between two deeply damaged characters. Hunter is now a Breed vampire of the justice-serving Order, but the Order's greatest enemy, Dragos, once trained him to be a mindless weapon, and much of that training still shapes him. Breedmate Corinne Bishop, recently rescued from decades of torture at Dragos's hands, has two goals: reuniting with her family and finding the son she bore while imprisoned. As they fall in love, Hunter has a precognitive vision of Corinne begging him to spare someone's life, wondering whether fate will tear them apart even if they overcome their intimacy issues. New readers should start with book one; returning fans will love Adrian's latest dark and dangerous antihero. (July)