cover image Night Moves

Night Moves

Stephanie Tyler. Dell, $7.99 mass market (368p) ISBN 978-0-440-42305-8

Shadow Force operative Kell Roberts is about to take out two Mexican drug lords when a tall blonde woman fleeing unknown pursuers runs right between Kell and his targets. From then on, Tyler's fourth Shadow Force installment (after In the Air Tonight) becomes a perfect balance of kiss-kiss, fight-fight. Once Kell and his foster brother, Reid, finally do dispatch the kingpins, their focus turns to the woman, Teddie Lassiter. Kell can't resist her charms and the black ops specialists promise to get her to safety, but keeping that promise is unexpectedly difficult. Teddie shot a man back in Juarez who's looking for a little payback, and U.S. marshals are on her tail as well. A guy with a vendetta against the entire Shadow Force team is the final ingredient for this very satisfying romantic thriller. (Oct.)