cover image To Taste Temptation

To Taste Temptation

Elizabeth Hoyt, . . Forever, $6.99 (368pp) ISBN 978-0-446-40691-8

Samuel Hartley, raised in North America's colonial wilderness but now a wealthy Boston businessman, arrives in London seeking the traitor who betrayed the 28th Regiment into massacre by the Indians at Spinner's Falls. One of the men killed was Captain Reynaud, beloved brother of widowed Lady Emeline Gordon. Since this respected society matron also chaperones society's young maidens, Samuel contrives to meet her by asking her help in preparing his sister Rebecca to enter London society. The very model of propriety, and engaged to the titled Lord Vale whom she has known since childhood (and who also fought in the ill-fated battle) Lady Emeline is drawn to Samuel's rough vigor, not realizing the demons possessing him. Hoyt parallels the fast-paced tension in Sam's search with growing romantic tension, occasionally lightened by interludes involving Emeline's young son, Daniel; a tart French aunt; and Samuel's own sister. A nail-biting finale creates a satisfying denouement. Hoyt (The Raven Prince , etc.) is firmly in control of her craft with engaging characters, gripping plot and clever dialogue. (May)