cover image Angie, I Says

Angie, I Says

Avra Wing / Author Warner Books $16.45 (214p) ISBN 978-0-446-5

``You always gotta be different,'' Vinnie the plumber tells his girlfriend, Tina Scacciapensieri, the half-Italian, half-Jewish, wholly working-class narrator of this appealing first novel. Vinnie's not so wrong. Tina isn't like the other secretaries at the office where she types and gossips with her friend Angie. When she discovers she's pregnant, Tina reluctantly agrees to marry her Brooklyn boyfriend, then proceeds to fall in love with a sophisticated Manhattan lawyer. Tina's story runs the course of her unplanned pregnancy, during which time she makes some important choices about what she wants from life. Speaking through this humorous and insightful woman, Wing illuminates the family dynamic as well as the emotions that bind people to their friends, lovers and co-workers. It's regrettable that class distinctions--firmly drawn in the opening chapters--fall by the wayside as the plot builds, but the unexpected, powerful conclusion and Tina's unusual brio more than compensate. Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Club alternate. (Sept.)