cover image MIRACLES AND WONDERS: How God Changes His Natural Laws to Benefit You

MIRACLES AND WONDERS: How God Changes His Natural Laws to Benefit You

Calvin Miller, . . Warner, $16.95 (208pp) ISBN 978-0-446-53010-1

Many people associate "miracles" with vivid images of Jesus' healings in the New Testament. Yet Miller (Jesus Loves Me; The Book of Jesus) offers a more basic definition of miracles than such stupendous, even outrageous, displays of supernatural power would seem to suggest. Miracles, first and foremost, are evidence that God loves humanity. In the Bible, Christ chose to demonstrate this love by immediate supernatural healing using commonplace instruments such as saliva, touch and simple commands. According to Miller, Christ did not heal everyone, but he always healed when "faith met need." Miller, understandably, does not purport to explain why God reaches forth and heals one yet not another. Instead, he invites readers to contemplate biblical miracles such as the virgin birth, Christ's resurrection and his postresurrection appearances to his followers. With a careful look at miracles in the present day, Miller expounds upon how science and technology affect modern opinions about the acceptance of miracles in today's world. Miller tops off his well-rounded study with thought-provoking questions that challenge readers to page back through his text and rethink their presuppositions. Although it makes for dry reading, this book progresses smoothly on a topic that has been amply covered by other Christian writers. (Mar.)