cover image Frostwing


Richard A. Knaak. Warner Books, $5.99 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-446-60149-8

Elements of gothic romance, epic fantasy and horror story blend in this intriguing tale of a centuries-old curse destined to be fulfilled in, of all places, Chicago. Grigori Nicolau has wandered the earth for hundreds of years, but he's unable to recall his origin or most of his past. The source of his confusion is a giant gargoyle who materializes in Grigori's dreams and systematically removes pieces of his memory. Determined to discover his identity, Grigori becomes involved in a cosmic struggle to gain control of ancient magic. In an effort to suggest East European lineage, Knaak (King of the Grey and the Dragonrealm series) gives his main character a stilted vocabulary, an occasionally distracting device. Fortunately, Knaack makes effective use of Grigori's partial amnesia and the antics of the malevolent yet beguiling gargoyle named ``Frostwing'' provide an excellent catalyst for action throughout the story, assuring the appeal of this contemporary fantasy. (Jan.)