cover image The Perfect Orgasm: How to Get It, How to Give It

The Perfect Orgasm: How to Get It, How to Give It

Joan Elizabeth Lloyd. Warner Books, $19.99 (259pp) ISBN 978-0-446-69267-0

Sex, like chocolate, is a pleasure, and just as no one needs a guidebook to teach them how to enjoy chocolate, surely no one needs a guidebook to tell them how to have sex. Such is the unfortunate logic that stigmatizes sex guides. Luckily, there are brave souls like Lloyd (Nice Couples Do It; 52 Saturday Nights) who acknowledge our hang-ups, kindly pat us on the head and go right on giving us exactly what we need: some good advice. This latest offering in the celebrated sex expert's catalog focuses on the ins and outs of achieving the ""big O."" This is no prescriptive locker room lecture, however; Lloyd's advice is ""sex-positive""-not only does she not chastise readers for not knowing how to find the g-spot, she'll honor one's desire to leave it hidden. That said, the book's purpose is certainly to move lovers toward orgasms they themselves would designate as personal bests. Lloyd introduces each chapter and provides editorial frames where appropriate, but the bulk of the advice comes in the form of anecdotes and reflections provided by the various couples and individuals she's worked with over the years. It's an effective strategy that allows readers to feel inducted into a community of people who struggle with the same bedroom anxieties and curiosities they do. Unfortunately, the range of lovers represented here is narrow-all heterosexuals between the ages of 20 and 60-almost guaranteeing an equally narrow readership.