cover image How Hide a Polar Bear: 7

How Hide a Polar Bear: 7

Ruth Heller / Author Grosset & Dunlap $5.95 (28p) ISBN 978-0-4

Here's one of a trio created by Heller, sure to please small children and simultaneously teach them the tricks of camouflage. Colorful, authentic pictures of animals show them out in the open and then protected from enemies who can't see the preyed-upon through the disguises nature gives them. Merry verses, easy for toddlers to memorize, describe the phenomena: ""A polar bear/ will only go/ where there is/ lots of ice/ and snow./ Its fur is/ alwayswhite,/ you know,/ so it will/ hardly. . . even show.'' But the snowshoe hare turns brown when the snow melts so he blends in with the logs in the forest during the seasons that follow winter. (Unfortunately, a typo mars the page; it is called a ``showshoe'' rather than a snowshoe hare.) The leopard, lion, deer and other wildlings also show how they hide out from predators. The companion titles are How to Hide an Octopus & Other Sea Creatures, ISBN 0-448-10476-8 ; How to Hide a Butterfly & Other Insects, ISBN 0-448-10478-4 : 4.95 each. (37)