cover image H Roth Bk of Horse

H Roth Bk of Horse

Margo Lundell, Harold Roth. Grosset & Dunlap, $8.95 (41pp) ISBN 978-0-448-19203-1

Lundell begins by mentioning that the age of technology has not harmed the horse, nor will it. After listing a few facts about the different horse breeds, like thoroughbreds, Arabians and color breeds, she then spends a ""day in the life of'' a young horse owner, discussing the different people who care for horses (blacksmith and veterinarian), and the activities for which horses are used or ridden: racing, police work, polo, following the hounds and circus performances, among others. Roth's splendid photographs in this catalogue offer young equestrians a feast, with shots that exhibit wonderful clarity. The text carries occasionally superfluous, almost inane, information: ``Horses like to eat''; and, as for their dispositions, ``Horses seem to have a sense of humor.'' But this is, indeed, a big book of horses. Ages 710. (May)