cover image SEC Unc Q1: Swept Aw

SEC Unc Q1: Swept Aw

Josepha Sherman. Ballantine Books, $3.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-449-90295-0

Sheila McCarthy is the ordinary, gum-chewing teenager featured in this first volume of the Secret of the Unicorn Queen series. But Sheila's typical teenage life is soon forgotten when she is accidentally transported into a fantasy world of unicorns, women warriors and ruthless dictators. At first Sheila is horrified, but she soon becomes involved in the causes of the women warriorsto save the wild unicorns from slaughter by the evil King Dynasian. In fact, she is so engrossed in her new life that she doesn't want to return to her old one. This adventure is action-packed, a combination of sensationalistic romance and fantasy. It's pretty light fare, but teenagers will like reading about Sheila's escapes. Ages 11-up. (Nov.)