cover image The Refuge: A Maxie and Stretch Mystery

The Refuge: A Maxie and Stretch Mystery

Sue Henry, . . NAL, $23.95 (258pp) ISBN 978-0-451-22047-9

At the start of Henry's intriguing third mystery to feature Maxie McNabb (after 2006's The Tooth of Time ), the 64-year-old Alaskan leaves home—and her mini-dachshund Stretch—to help a widowed, injured acquaintance, Karen Parker Bailey, in Hawaii. Hobbling on crutches, Karen needs Maxie's assistance packing up to move back to Alaska, but Maxie's reluctant good Samaritan work turns hazardous: the first night a prowler almost breaks in, the next day Karen's plumbing is sabotaged. Maxie senses Karen is concealing something when she overhears a whispered phone call. Maxie hires Jerry, the conveniently just-fired plumber's assistant, to help with the move. When Karen goes on ahead to Alaska, Maxie rents an RV so she can tour the island with Jerry until their flight home. But the real danger closes in as they travel to a park, the Refuge, which, of course, turns out to be anything but. Despite a touch of cuteness, Maxie is good company, and she teams with Jerry to entertaining effect. (Apr.)