cover image Trick of the Light: A Trickster Novel

Trick of the Light: A Trickster Novel

Rob Thurman, . . Roc, $7.99 (352pp) ISBN 978-0-451-46288-6

Trixa Iktomi, Las Vegas bar owner, information broker and down-to-earth grad of the school of hard knocks, sasses her way into and out of trouble while avenging her brother's death in Thurman's supernatural series launch. Angels and associates of Eden House, an earthly company that employs human demon hunters with psychic talents, face off against demonic fallen angels who eat souls to gain strength. When she gets news of the Light of Life, an impenetrable shield that could protect heaven or hell from attack, Trixa and her Native American bartender, Leo Rain, are determined to locate it before the demons can. Their particular nemesis is Solomon, a handsome demon with an eye on the lovely Trixa. Thurman (Madhouse ) breaks little new ground, but urban fantasy fans will find this a pleasant, unsurprising comfort read. (Sept.)