cover image Thinning the Turkey Herd

Thinning the Turkey Herd

R. Wright Campbell. Dutton Books, $16.95 (185pp) ISBN 978-0-453-00583-8

Fans of fictional Chicago pol Jimmy Flannery, who might have been disappointed with Campbell's Hip-Deep in Alligators, rejoice: the precinct captain/sewer inspector is back in fine form. A flock of out-of-town models (the ""turkey herd'') have been found dead in the last year, but Chicago's cops aren't interested. Flannery's alderman-friend Janet, a feminist activist he calls ``lipstick lesbian,'' wants Jimmy to investigate. Her interest becomes personal when her friend Joyce, a model, doesn't show up to move into her apartment. After Flannery discovers Joyce strangled in a neighbor's apartment, he probes deeper and eventually nails the not very surprising, but very creepy, killer. Along the way he meets a wonderfully mixed bag of outlandish characters (exterminator Willy Dink stands out), conducts a hilarious raid on an animal shelter and adopts a mongrel dog almost as charming as himself. (April)