cover image Head to Toe: My Body and How It Works

Head to Toe: My Body and How It Works

OKIDO. Thames & Hudson, $19.95 (64p) ISBN 978-0-500-65005-9

Created by the editors of the British children’s magazine OKIDO, this oversize, interactive introduction to the human body and its functions is led by a pair of children and three impish “explorers” wearing pajamalike outfits with ears and tails. Simple experiments and games, some requiring adult help, underscore concepts like how senses or muscles work, how vocal cords (and hence voices) change as one ages, and how sleep helps bodies, along with discussions of digestion, skin, and how babies develop. The offbeat graphics and play-focused style of learning give parents or teachers a variety of lively ways to engage kids in a discussion of their bodies. Ages 5–9. (May)