Susan Grant, . . Love Spell, $6.99 (384pp) ISBN 978-0-505-52541-3

Los Angeles filmmaker Ilana Hamilton, a secondary character from Grant's futuristic aviation romance The Star Prince, takes center stage in this simple yet spirited love story, but it is her alien counterpart, Vash Prince Ché Vedla, who truly shines here. Strong, honorable and adorably strait-laced, Ché will do almost anything to ensure the welfare of his people, even submit to an arranged marriage. While his counselors select his bride-to-be, he hies off to Earth. The traditionalist Vash people have long believed Earthdwellers to be "barbarians," but that doesn't stop Ché from seeking out Ilana, sister to the B'kah crown prince. Marriage to Ilana is out of the question, however, since he's in the market for a placid Vash bride and she isn't searching for a mate at all. Inevitably, their feelings for one another intensify, but someone in the Vedla household is determined to spoil their happily-ever-after. The scenes in which Ilana introduces Ché to human delights like corn nuts, carnival rides and movies steal the story, though Grant also pens some titillating love scenes. Readers who like their romances sprinkled with sci-fi elements will embrace this book, as will those who prefer exotic protagonists and offbeat settings. (On sale Aug. 5)

Forecast: The Only One, an anthology featuring Christine Feehan, Susan Squires and Grant, hit book shelves this past May and the New York Times bestseller list at #12. Sales of this book should benefit from the increased exposure and from a full-page ad in the Romantic Times.