cover image Oceans of Fire

Oceans of Fire

Christine Feehan, Author . Jove $7.99 (371p) ISBN 978-0-515-13953-2

Brimming with exhilarating action sequences and sultry love scenes, Feehan's over-the-top paranormal romance, the newest in her Drake Sisters series (The Twilight Before Christmas , etc.), spotlights Abigail Drake, a witch who can communicate with dolphins. Set in quaint Sea Haven, Calif., the novel opens as Abigail, one of seven enigmatic sisters with magical powers, witnesses a brutal murder while swimming with her dolphins in Sea Haven harbor. In a scene that crackles with tension, Abigail swims to the rescue of a second man who, wounded, has fallen into the ocean—making her the target of the Russian killers and some hungry sharks. The brush with danger leads her back into the arms of sexy Interpol agent Aleksandr Volstov, who broke her heart four years earlier. Together, Aleksandr and Abigail engage in sensual foreplay as he searches for those responsible for his partner's murder and the culprits involved in a smuggling ring. Though the passion and intrigue can grow overheated, Feehan's well-crafted characters—like the sisters' quirky Aunt Carol, whose thirst for excitement and love of photography come together in the strangest moments—ground the tale and give it some much-needed levity. Agent, Steve Axelrod. (June)