cover image Benjamin Franklin: A Man with Many Jobs

Benjamin Franklin: A Man with Many Jobs

Carol Greene. Children's Press(CT), $4.95 (48pp) ISBN 978-0-516-44202-0

This volume in the Rookie Biography series seems aimed at the same children who have recently become acquainted with I Can Read books. It's a purely utilitarian book; although it is neither particularly attractive nor written in lively language, it contains all the elements that teachers most often demand when assigning children book reports on biographies: a table of contents, a useful time line of Franklin's life and a helpful index. All the major highlights of Franklin's life are mentioned in these pages: the writing of Poor Richard's Almanack , early electrical experiments, his pre-revolutionary diplomacy in England, up to his work on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The illustrations are also utilitarian, with black-and-white photos and engravings, and full-color paintings on every other page. Ages 6-9. (June)