cover image Working in Hollywood

Working in Hollywood

N. T. Wright, Alexandra Brouwer, Tom Wright. Crown Publishers, $24.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-517-57401-0

Watching TV or films, have you sometimes wondered about the meaning of such end-credit terms as gaffer, wrangler, key grip, timers and matte painter? Who these people are and what tasks they perform are explained here by a Paramount production person and her screenwriter husband in 60 interviews with 13 categories of deal makers, laborers, craftspeople, technicians, artists, executives and other ``unsung workers behind the camera,'' with over a dozen Academy Award winners and nominees among them. Each interviewee answers two fundamental questions: What does your job entail? What is the best way to get started in your particular line of work? For anyone who wants to know how movies are made or is curious about behind-the-scenes Hollywood, this is the book to consult. (July)