cover image How Green Are You

How Green Are You

David Bellamy. Clarkson N Potter Publishers, $14.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-517-58429-3

Although this volume covers much of the same ground as other recent books on protecting the environment, its innovative format and copious illustrations give the material a fresh look. Explaining that whales need clean air and water to exist, Bellamy has the ``Friendly Whale'' escort readers through pages jammed with information, statistics, advice and activities. The letters of the word ``whale'' are used to represent five components of the environment: water, habitat, air, life and energy. These symbols appear throughout the book to indicate various ways youngsters can help to save the earth. The projects suggested range from the simple (decorating boxes to hold recyclables, making a compost heap, growing bean sprouts) to the more ambitious (creating a backyard pond). Bellamy splendidly brings home the importance of conservation to young readers. Ages 6-9. ( Apr.)