cover image Rethinking the American Race Problem

Rethinking the American Race Problem

Roy L. Brooks. University of California Press, $45 (240pp) ISBN 978-0-520-06886-5

In this innovative blueprint for the transformation of black America, Brooks outlines an intensive, long-term program of African-American self-help combined with government initiatives. In such a program, middle-class blacks would work one-on-one with poorer families and individuals; community resources would be tapped; survival skills taught. A law professor at the University of Minnesota, Brooks argues that civil rights laws, as currently enacted, actually leave blacks more vulnerable than ever to employment discrimination and underrepresentation. While rejecting ``rampant separatism,'' his class-based analysis advocates ``a limited expression of separatism.'' He urges Congress to create an employment-opportunities program for the underclass that includes job training and child care services. His recommendations should stimulate fresh thinking among policymakers and concerned citizens. (Dec.)