cover image Stories from Our House

Stories from Our House

Julie Vivas, Richard Tulloch. Cambridge University Press, $12.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-521-33485-3

This collection comprises four stories that take place in one busy household. In ""The Dog Next Door,'' the eponymous pooch knocks over the garbage bin outside and makes a mess of everything; but Mum hates the scratching and whining noises when he's locked up. ``The Ants'' is the story of a line of ants on the march; they go to where the honey, milk and cake are located, and nothing Mum does gets rid of them. Then the kids start to deliver food to the ants' house. In ``Milk Trouble,'' a busy mother keeps forgetting the baby's milk as a result of too many phone calls, doorbells and other distractions. And ``Four Glass Drinking Mugs'' details the mugs' history as they break, one after another, and eventually are replaced by plastic ones. These are funny anecdotes, though quite ordinary. It's Vivas who gives them a lift with vibrant watercolors featuring wild and lively action shots and very mischievous kids, all with the artist's trademarkfeathery hairdos. Ages 6-8. (September)