cover image Don't Worry I'll Find You

Don't Worry I'll Find You

Anna Grossnickle Hines. Dutton Books, $10.95 (2pp) ISBN 978-0-525-44228-8

Sarah, her mother and (at Sarah's insistence) her doll Abigail go shopping at the big, confusing mall. ""Well, if you lose her, don't complain to me about it,'' Mama warns, adding that Sarah should stay put if she gets lost. All hands are held tight, but the reader can anticipate what will happen. Suspense mounts as they choose clothing and have lunch. After selecting a pair of red sneakers, Sarah discovers she's left Abigail behind. Sarah runs back and finds that Abigail is, indeed, in the same spot, but then Sarah can't find her mother. So she stays put, just as her mother had advised and just as Abigail had done. In a cute twist, it's the doll's presence that brings them all back together. Spare, soft pastel pictures are reassuring yet convey the dizzying activity of a mall. (36)