cover image In a Jar

In a Jar

Deborah Marcero. Putnam, $17.99 (40p) ISBN 978-0-525-51459-6

Llewellyn, a stumpy white rabbit with stand-up ears, meets Evelyn as he gathers sunset light that’s “the color of tart cherry syrup.” He collects all kinds of precious things and keeps them in jars (“buttercups,/ feathers,/ and heart-shaped stones”), and now he has a friend to help. He and Evelyn (she’s a rabbit, too) spend several happy seasons assembling treasures until Evelyn tells Llewellyn that her family is moving. “Llewellyn’s heart felt like an empty jar.” Then he works out a way to share new wonders with Evelyn even though she’s far away. Thin, spidery lines trace the outlines of the eccentric collection of jars and their contents: “rainbows,/ the sound of the ocean,/ and the wind just before the snow falls.” Color and scale add drama as the two small rabbits wander amid a sea of pink and red tulips and gaze at their own elongated shadows. Miniature panels of experiences and objects offer the charm of snow globes. Marcero (Rosie and Crayon) provides a metaphor for the importance of capturing fleeting moments, and an image of a friendship that overcomes separation. Ages 3–7. Agent: Danielle Smith, Lupine Grove Creative. (Jan.)