cover image Tomorrow There Will Be Sun

Tomorrow There Will Be Sun

Dana Reinhardt. Viking/Dorman, $26 (288p) ISBN 978-0-525-55796-8

Reinhardt, the author of such young adult titles as 2016’s Tell Us Something True, makes a successful leap to adult fiction with this vibrant chronicle of two couples navigating tensions on a vacation in Mexico. Writer Jenna Carlson books a luxury villa for her husband Peter’s 50th birthday. Jenna’s both fond and resentful of Peter’s charismatic best friend and business partner, Solly Solomon, who’s also celebrating his 50th. Years ago, Solly left Jenna’s close friend Maureen for the younger Ingrid, who accompanies them to Puerto Vallarta. Jenna exercises her control-freak tendencies on her obnoxious 16-year-old daughter Clem, whose texts she monitors via an app. Also on the trip is Malcolm, Solly and Maureen’s good-natured 17-year-old son, who’s gotten into some trouble at his school. Peter’s beautiful assistant Gavriella won’t stop calling him; Jenna interrogates him and takes his nonanswer to mean that Solly is having an affair and Peter is covering for him. Jenna’s insecurities are further triggered when Ingrid reveals that she’s written a book that, after Jenna reads it, turns out to be quite good, while Jenna continues to struggle with writer’s block. Her well-meaning, busybody nature leads her to confrontations with both Clem—regarding cheating on her boyfriend with Malcolm—and Ingrid, the results of which force Jenna to reflect on her blind spots. Reinhardt adroitly navigates the mind of a memorable and unreliable narrator and delivers a page-turner that’s both charming and thoughtful. (Mar.)