cover image Fast Talk on a Slow Track

Fast Talk on a Slow Track

Rita Williams-Garcia. Dutton Books, $15 (176pp) ISBN 978-0-525-67334-7

Denzel Watson has sailed through school, receiving straight As, lavish praise and the honor of being high school valedictorian. Preparing to enter Princeton in the fall, Denzel attends the university's summer session for minority students--and experiences failure for the first time. Terrified and confused, he immerses himself in a door-to-door salesman's job. He is determined to outdo fellow salesman Carmello, a robust, streetwise and illiterate boy. Attempting to dominate every aspect of Carmello's life, Denzel finally realizes that he is competing with a part of himself, a part that he wishes did not exist. In a clear, strong voice, Denzel chronicles his quest to accept his vincibility. As she did in Blue Tights , Williams-Garcia again sends an important message about self-discovery to young adults through a powerfully written, introspective novel. Readers familiar with Denzel's struggle--and those who relish a compelling story--will appreciate the complex, thoughtful narration. Ages 12-up. (Mar.)