cover image The Sleeping Beauty Proposal

The Sleeping Beauty Proposal

Sarah Strohmeyer, . . Dutton, $24.95 (312pp) ISBN 978-0-525-95018-9

Admissions counselor Eugenia “Genie” Michaels has dated professor-turned-author Hugh Spencer for four years, patiently waiting him out. When Hugh’s bestselling novel lands him on TV, Genie’s loved ones tuning in are surprised to see him make an on-air proposal to “the love of his life.” All assume it’s Genie, but off camera, Hugh confesses to an affair, escapes to England for the summer and leaves Genie to do the explaining. Best friend Patty proposes that, rather than moping, Genie keep her mouth shut and enjoy being “engaged” while it lasts. Soon, Genie’s sporting a giant, self-purchased cubic zirconia ring, and masses of wedding gifts begin to arrive at her office. As the inevitable approaches, there’s plenty of opportunity for sticky situation comedy, including handsome, charming carpenter Nick, and Strohmeyer nails it at every unpredictable turn. (June)