cover image Arm Candy

Arm Candy

Jill Kargman, Author . Dutton $25.95 (336p) ISBN 978-0-525-951

She's “as perfect as it gets,” the tabloids blare, but suddenly, Eden, the heroine of Kargman's fun and flashy if not exactly groundbreaking latest, is staring at middle age, a dead-end relationship, and regrets about the one who got away. Still, the biggest downer for the downtown arts-scene beauty is her upcoming 40th birthday. So she does what any tasty piece of arm candy does—finds a rich, charming, 28-year-old hunk of her own. “Don't be afraid to cougar out,” best friend Allison urges. Not everyone is happy with the choice, least of all art-king Otto, who still needs the leggy beauty for his muse. But when young Chase falls hard for Eden, she finds herself thinking more and more about her first, perfect love, Wes. The ending is a foregone conclusion, but Kargman's quick wit and fast-moving story bounce along agreeably, assisted by the amusing quotes that kick off each chapter (“Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician”). Kargman (The Ex-Mrs. Hedgefund ) gets it, even if her heroine doesn't. (May)