cover image The Mother's Day Sandwich

The Mother's Day Sandwich

Jillian Wynot. Orchard Books (NY), $14.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-531-05857-2

In this picture book debut, Wynot's assured, carefree style suggests a bright future as an author. The premise is not entirely new: two children prepare a surprise breakfast for their mother and make a frightful mess in the process. But the personalities of these amiable siblings, and their true-to-life banter, give this story a sunny character all its own. After Ivy and her younger brother, Hackett, finally get Mama's tray assembled--leaving healthy amounts of spilled food in their wake--they sneak into the bedroom and place the tray on the bed. When they shout ``Happy Mother's Day!'' Mama sits up suddenly and over goes the tray. But Mama is a good sport, and tells them what she really wants is a sandwich, a.k.a. a giant hug, with her two children acting as slices of bread. Chambliss's pencil and pastel illustrations portray Ivy and Hackett in winning, good-humored fashion--right down to their rumpled pajamas and crooked smiles. Ages 4 - 7. (Mar.)