cover image Jackie Robinson: A Life Remembered

Jackie Robinson: A Life Remembered

Maury Allen. Franklin Watts, $0 (260pp) ISBN 978-0-531-15042-9

Forty years ago Jack Roosevelt Robinson integrated major league baseball, and this powerful book recalls that accomplishment. Allen (Roger Maris, etc.) tells the Robinson story partlyin the words of those who remember orshockinglydon't remember the great player, who died in 1972. There are lengthy comments from family members like Robinson's sister, brother and widow, from those who worked or played for the Brooklyn Dodger organization, from stars of the old Negro League and of National League teams that played against Robinson. The interviews give testimony to the pioneer player's ordeal and to the racism that other black players also experienced and still experience on and off the field. Fans will find this a memorable volume. (May 29)