cover image Catch a Falling Star

Catch a Falling Star

Kim Culbertson, read by Erin Spencer. Scholastic Audio, unabridged, nine CDs, 10 hrs., $39.99 ISBN 978-0-545-72296-4

Nothing ever happens in Little, Calif.—nothing, that is, until a famous movie star comes to town to shoot a film. Much to Carter Moon’s dismay: she would much rather have her small town back and be done with all the Hollywood nonsense. It means nothing to her. Unlike her best friend Chloe, who knows all about young Adam Jakes, a child star gone wrong who has infiltrated the town, and soon Carter’s life. Adam’s people want to clean up his battered image, and a young, wholesome girlfriend from town seems like just the thing to accomplish it. They offer Carter an obscene amount of money to pose as Adam’s girlfriend while he stays. Carter needs the money, and doesn’t care a whit about Adam until they start spending more time with each other. Is he just another pretty Hollywood face or a real guy Carter could actually fall for? Spencer has an excellent voice for Carter—young and innocent yet mature and skeptical. There are occasions when Spencer misses an opportunity to realize Carter’s utter disdain for the celebrity lifestyle that would have resulted in a laugh and deeper insight to Carter’s dilemma about becoming a cog in the Hollywood machine. A Scholastic hardcover. Ages 12–up. A Scholastic/Point hardcover. (May)