cover image No Good Deed

No Good Deed

Goldy Moldavsky. Point, $17.99 (352p) ISBN 978-0-545-86751-1

Moldavsky (Kill the Boy Band) delivers an over-the-top farce set at a summer camp for teenage activists. Sixteen-year-old narrator Gregor Maravilla, an avid Superman fan, and teen movie star Ashley Woodstone are among the campers who find themselves competing over the chance to win an internship with tech billionaire, humanitarian, and camp founder Robert Drill, sabotaging each other and not acting at all like young do-gooders. Moldavsky dials every aspect of the story up to 11, including the causes that the various campers campaign for: Ashley’s is “Eat Dirt” (it isn’t metaphorical), and Gregor starts referring to the other attendees by their passion projects as a prank war heats up (“Water Conservation cut off the water to the girls’ showers. Abstinence and Sex Positivity had been locked in the sports shed together”). Ostensibly, it’s all in service of exploring what happens when good intentions and conscientiousness collide with the selfish side of human nature, but without much depth to the characters or storyline, the effect is that of a single joke that goes on too long. Ages 14–up. Agent: Jenny Bent, Bent Agency. (May)